Products of green stationery

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Mans takes care of the production and supply of ecological writing products. Special design, green attitude, maximum sustainability and great quality of the stretch: the pens, pencils and markers of our catalog offer maximum performance with a particular attention to the environment.

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Green paper

If you look for beautiful, durable and 100% environmentally friendly notebooks, notes and collectors, Mans has the right catalog for you. All our formats - striped or checked - are made of FSC and recycled paper. FSC, that is coming from controlled forests and devoted to the progressive reforestation, and recycled, to guarantee maximum environmental sustainability.

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Eco Tech

Digital technology can be environmentally friendly. This is demonstrated by the Echo-Tech line by Mans, which develops and manufactures ecological hi-tech products, for the office and for the home. Whether it's mice, computer keyboards and calculators, the approach is always the same: to favor design and sustainability, using natural or recyclable materials, such as bamboo.

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Mans offers customers a selection of accessories for stationery, ideal for those who want to respect the environment without sacrificing style. Our jute cases match perfectly with pens, pencils and highlighters in the catalog, providing anyone with a compact writing kit.

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Fantastic in store, perfect for large retailers, with great aesthetic impact and as always environmentally friendly.

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To enhance brands and brands close to the concepts of ecology, sustainability and ethical consumption, Mans provides for the design and creation of personalized ecological stationery. Over time, we have worked with prestigious brands in various sectors, such as Discovery Italia, with a dedicated catalog of pens, pencils and accessories inspired by the Animal Planet series, the Italian Police, with backpacks and personalized stationery, and Sony Pictures, for Emoji movie.

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